Director :  Padma Damodaran & Choiti Ghosh
Cast :  Padma Damodaran & Choiti Ghosh


A dhaaba by the side of the road...You can order whatever you like, as long as it is all Baingan ... the shop knows nothing else. As all the baingans line up you see their varieties, differences and their peculiar social order. One fine morning, the 'dhaaba' inhabitants wake up to an unknown sack lying on top of the counter. Inside it are some things - round, brown and slightly dusty. They realise that these too are vegetables! They name these new vegetables Aloo. As days pass, more strange and new vegetables start to enter the kitchen. And it seems these new entrants are here to stay!

This is an 'Object Theatre' performance.

Please click here for the Mumbai Theatre Guide review of the play

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