''Inside Out'' workshop by Alok Ulfat

From : 22/01/2018 To : 26/01/2018
Start time : 9:30 AM End time : 1:00 AM

Theatre Group : Avikal Theatre Company
Faculty : Alok Ulfat
Venue : Little raina
73, Aram Nagar II Versova, Andheri W
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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The workshop aims to help participants to explore their hidden potential by working together and pooling their energies & skills. Workshop uses the tools of performing arts like intuitive movement, voice, speech, story telling, imagination, improvisation & presentation.

It aims to create highly evolved artists who produce honest work and opportunities for them selves and also others.

It prepares individuals not only for their career, but prepares them for holistic life. The key principle being - becoming a creator and not mindless consumer, individuals find the strength to not get consumed by the materialistic world but develop imagination, courage and skills to create & transform.

About Alok Ulfat

Alok Ulfat , a writer, director, theatre practitioner & teacher, has been creating festivals and conducting workshops & mentoring aspiring artists in India & Abroad for over two decades. He has taught at the National School of Drama (TIE) New Delhi and Film & Television Institute of India, Pune. Working as teacher for Stage and Screen Acting, he continues to search for original approach and path breaking research in Performing Arts.

Alok completed Speech & Drama and teacher training from Emerson College U.K. (5 years). Later he traveled extensively in India and Abroad learning from various centers and disciplines and continues to further his knowledge of the SELF. He has worked with voice and speech & theatre maestros like B.V. Karanth, Manoj Bajpai, Makrand Deshpandy, Cicely Frances Berry, Sanjana Kapoor, Anna Tanvir, Dawn Langman, Berry John, Daniele Gaillemin, Par Ahlbum and amny more.

Today his students are accomplished artists & professionals working as actors, directors, musicians, writers, models, and teachers in Theatre, Television and Film Industry and have been recognized for their originality. He has also been an Act Directed for Star and Zee Television networks. The list includes RaJ Kumar Rao, Abhishek Dogra, Faisal Rashid, Mahaakshay and Namashi Chakroborty (Mithun Chakroborty's sons), Harshvardhan Kapoor (Anil Kapoor's Son), Rupesh Tillu, Sayani Gupta, Anand Gandhi, Deepal Doshi, Parag Mehta, Nisha Nagpal, Lavanya Tripathi, Panini Raajkumar (Actor Raajkumar's son), Karan Tacker, Amit Dolawat, Nitin Mirani, Madhu Sneha, Kunal Kumar, Sanjeev Vatsa, Mukul Abhyankar, Priyangi Borthakur, Vishal Ganatra, Vishal Chaturvedi, Pravesh Rana, Rajeev Kathpalia, Sonali Sehgal, Grusha Kapoor, Sonam Bisht, Gaouri Agarwal.
Theatre Workshop Fees : 5200

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''Inside Out'' workshop by Alok Ulfat

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