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Scherazade Kaikobad

Scherazade  Kaikobad Scherazade Kaikobad is interested in both Theatre & Literature. As a student of Literature she has done well in her studies and has also presented a few papers. Theatre, she says crept up on her unawares. Ever since her school days she has been involved with it. While doing her Bachelors in English Literature from Jai Hind College, Scherazade continued to explore her interests in the theatre. Some of her college productions include plays like Chekhovs’s A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL and an adaptation of Charlotte Perkin Gillman’s The Yellow Wallpaper. In 2004 she scripted a play called HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. Her production of Franz Kafka’s THE TRIAL won her the award for the best production design at the 2004 Thespo youth theatre festival in Mumbai. She was also nominated for the ‘Best Director’ and the ‘Best Actress’ awards and the play too was nominated in the ‘Best Play’ category. In all she has acted in 16 productions and has directed 7.

She is once again a participant for the 2006 Thespo festival with a production titled RETELLINGS. The play which Scherazade is directing is an adaptation of alternative readings of the three well-known, female mythological characters- Sita, Surpankha and Savitri. An enforced sabbatical from rehearsal rooms and the stage while she was doing her Masters in Literature from S.N.D.T. Women’s University drove her to become a keen theatre audience. Her regular engagement with different kinds of plays drew her to writing about the theatre, quite by accident.

When offers started coming in from different publications that desired articles on the theatre, she didn’t refuse – except in one case where they wanted her to review commercial Hindi plays. She found that even the batata-wada and the chai in the interval could not ensure that she could stay awake for the rest of the play! She feels that writing about the theatre has several pros: although it doesn’t finance a theatre-watching addiction, it certainly legitimizes it and with the exception of her sister, people no longer think that she is strange if she has to catch a 9.00pm play on a Saturday night. Writing introduced her to a whole new theatre planet and taught her to appreciate difference. But most importantly she says it has given her an entirely new tool kit to take back into the rehearsal room.

As a freelance writer and a young critic she has written for different well-known publications such as ‘The Times of India’ and the ‘DNA’. She is in the process of completing her Masters degree in English Literature and is also co- editor of one of the most erudite theatre newsletters which are available in the country. She joined the team of the Prithvi Theatre Newsletter (PT Notes) in 2005. She has even participated in theatre workshops and seminars to further her experience.

Her other qualifications include having passed the Grade 8 Trinity College exams in Speech and Drama with distinction marks. She herself has trained students for the same exam up to Grade 4. She has been a recipient of awards in elocution competitions and has been invited as a judge to several inter-school elocution and theatre competitions.

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