Altering Realities ft. Arjun Kohli

Altering Realities ft. Arjun Kohli

Between reality and magic lies an illusion. Step into 'Altering Realities', a unique interactive online magic show, featuring Arjun Kohli, who is all set to change what you see and what you believe in forever.

To experience mystery and magic at its fullest potential please take note of the following:

This exclusive experience has a limited capacity of 25 seats. So book asap!
The format of the show is interactive and must be treated like a live show. Keeping your camera on will be mandatory.

Keep a deck of cards with you if possible to experience some mystery through the screen.

The show will start at 7:30pm sharp so kindly join it on time. The entries would be open from 7:15pm.

The meeting link would be shared to you one day prior to the event on your registered email address.

One ticket would allow a family of 2-4 to attend the show through a single seat/webacam.
* Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for change in schedule.

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