APNE DESH KE LOG | Jashn-E-Qalam | StoryPlay

APNE DESH KE LOG | Jashn-E-Qalam | StoryPlay

Celebrating Hindustani Literature!

Solo Performances of Hindustani Short Stories

Kamleshwar's APNE DESH KE LOG | Enacted by KC Shankar

After phones and cities, it's time to make our citizens smart, too. Get a sneak peek into this Kafkaesque future where Discipline & Development go hand in glove.

Kamleshwar (6 Jan 1932 – 27 Jan 2007) depicted the trials and tribulations of society in flux, groping for new values in a crumbling old value system. True human sensitivity, his works demonstrate, is the antithesis of today’s pervasive sense of alienation.

Duration: 60 Mins (including Audience Interaction) | Language: Hindustani

With no sets or props, only the Actor and Audience are at Play.

The multiple roles of the 'Narrator' and 'Characters' are enacted by the 'Actor', using 'Voice' & 'Body'.

Theatre at its simplest, where Story is King & Imagination reigns Supreme!

P.S. Please use Headphones/Speakers. Laptop/PC with a Webcam & Mic is recommended.
* Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for change in schedule.

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