DiGi Open Mic-Poetry and Storytelling

DiGi Open Mic-Poetry and Storytelling

Creativity always finds a way to enhance the human mind into believing in the greater good. The words that we all hear, the ones that we speak demonstrate what we feel. It is a platform for you to become the voice of the generation by speaking your mind and your heart out. The Mental Talkies is glad to announce DiGi Open Mic for Poetry and Storytelling.

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Important Guidelines

1. This show is on Zoom. Please download the Zoom Web Meetings app and register.

2. Make sure youíre in Good room with internet.

3. Use earphone/headphone for better experience.

4. Also get hold of strong internet connection to avoid any interruption or disturbance during the event.

5. Donít let the fact that you are performing virtually, from your home, affect your stage presence. Donít hold back on performing with the same level of enthusiasm and energy, as you would on stage. If you usually perform standing at a live event, you should perform the same way in the DiGi Events as well.

6. Sound check paramount before starting the session. Conduct a test event prior to the actual event.

7. Views expressed by the individual artists and performers, either in course of their performance, or on their social media channels, or any third party channels and platforms, online or offline or otherwise are solely their own and neither do they represent those of The Mental Talkies nor are they endorsed in any manner by The Mental Talkies, its associates and affiliates.

8. Artists are fully and solely liable and responsible for their content, actions, expressions and/or views. The Mental Talkies will not be responsible for their actions, expressions and/or views, and any claims, damages, outrage arising due to the comments, pictures or videos posted by the Artists on the Channels.

9. The Mental Talkies shall not be held liable or responsible for any violation of intellectual property rights that may arise out of any Artist performance.

10. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.

11. Recording or uploading of this stream is not permitted.

12. The time and date of the show may vary due to internet connectivity issues. In this case, the artist will share the revised date and/or timing at the earliest.

13. There may be interruptions in the stream due to internet connectivity issues
* Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for change in schedule.

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DiGi Open Mic-Poetry and Storytelling

 May 8, 2021 | 8:30 PM Expand dates

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