Dulari Dhamal

Dulari Dhamal

Dulari Dhamaal is a renewed adaptation of Mani Madhukar's Dulari Bai, directed by Alok Ulfat. The story of Dulari Dhamaal revolves around Dulari Bai, the last eligible maiden of a village. Immersed in dead traditions, symbolized by her pair of ancestral shoes. Dulari, performed by Shruti Ulfat, is a powerhouse of awesome 'Adaa'. Gorgeous but miserly, innocent but suspicious, virtuous but brash, her vibrant arrogance is a cause of trouble and confusion.

As the sneaky, sensitive and insecure bachelors of the village race along to win her, hilarious moments of crisp comedy ensue. Soldier, cobbler, fisherman, village chief, fraud, god, kings & clowns, in vibrant costumes, sing and dance to live rural rhythms.

Laugh your heart out. Come celebrate the Festival of Life.


Nautanki is a folk theatre and operatic drama form, popular in Northern India. A seamless blend of Hindu-Muslim folklore, its language, music, costumes, themes, and characters reflect multi-colored melting pot of Indian Culture. The language is ornamented with poetry and Tukbandi. It uses a mixture of Urdu, Persian, Braj, Hindi, Rajasthani and the occasional English phrase. Nautankiís flexible structure allows for experimentation, through music, satire and comedy, resulting in distinctive situations.

For this production of Dulari Bai, Avikal Theatre Company showcases actors, dancers, musicians, and technicians to refresh this traditional form of theatre. We aim to rejoice in the simplicity of life, seeking the spirit of India through its folk traditions.

The Play and the Playwright

The playwright, Mani Madhukar with his mastery of the Hindi language, opened up a new dimension in stage dialogue in the mid 20th century. With his far-sweeping, deep-reaching observations, Madhukarís fertile inventions wove people and events into a stunningly poetic vision of universal validity, expressive of the true spirit of India.
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