Goldilocks & The 3 Bears

Goldilocks & The 3 Bears

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears (with a twist)
Act out the story with Storyteller Rohini Vij.
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In this fun session, we will be engaging participants with body movements and drama exercises. We will then act out a fairytale (with a twist) as we unravel the story bit by bit. Participants will be encouraged to use props and improv to make this fun class exciting.

We recommend that a child is always accompanied by a parent or guardian who can guide and assist them for maximum benefit.

- Focus on Voice Expression, Facial Expression & Body Language
- Communication Skill Development
- Social-Emotional Development
- Learning to break stereotypes
- Language Development
- Vocabulary Enhancement
- Imagination & Role-Play

About Rohini Vij

Rohini Vij is a professional storyteller, educator, listed & certified Jolly Phonics UK trainer, curriculum developer, founder of NutSpace, and mom. She is on a mission to raise readers and is actively engaged with curriculum development for schools and her own ed-tech platform - Nutspace Edtech

She is also a voice artist and regularly creates audiobooks and read-aloud videos for reputed publishing houses in India.

She writes actively on the subjects of raising readers, parenting, and integrating storytelling in the classroom.
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