Jab We Separated

Jab We Separated

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"Jab we separated" is a play which depicts the mindset of modern-day couples whose lives are woven in the fragile fabric of mistrust. Written by Rakesh Bedi, it's primarily an emotional saga but has enough comedy to keep the audience in splits. The narrative tells us that when confronted with infidelity or regular naggings of each other, the spouses nowadays resort to the only shortcut they have at hand and that is divorce. The reason being, financial and emotional independence has made them myopic and at the same time daring. They feel that now separating is not the end of the world and life will go on somehow. Sadly no one wants to give a second chance also, except the court. This play is primarily the story of those six months which are given by court before you finally divorce.

Sanjay Sahni and Priya (Maheshwari) Sahni are living in a flat in Mumbai and they have filed for a divorce. The reason being Priya feels her husband is cheating on her, while Sanjay feels Priya does not give him enough space and nags too much. Such feelings drive them to bifurcate their flat into two parts. The court has given them a time frame of six months to reconcile if possible. But sadly in such a scenario, the couples desperately wait for these six months to get over and then subsequently get over with each other, rather than finding solutions for a harmonious life. Because of the nuclear family situation, there is no peer pressure also nowadays and hence there is no answerability to anyone. They also have an adolescent daughter, Megha, who is being tossed like a football between the two of them. And because of the precarious situation between her parents, Megha has learned to take emotional and financial advantage of both of them, though in the process she fails in her studies.

The play raises a very potent question- "is divorce the only answer?"
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