Kumar Ki Chhat Par

Kumar Ki Chhat Par

Kumar Ki Chhat Par is a play written by eminent author, playwright, novelist and columnist Shri Madhu Rye and translated to Hindi by Ms. Pratibha Aggarwal. This play breaks the taboos and hypocrisies of our society & challenges the age-long issues of unfulfilled desires. It tries to tear away the masks that we all wear, all the time.

This is a Hindi Translation of the all-time hit Gujarati Play ‘Kumar Ni Agashi’ and has been performed by legendary Theatre, Film and TV Actress Sarita Joshi of ‘Baa Bahu Baby’ and ‘Sukhi Bai’ fame.

When Khannas throw a party to bid farewell to Vipin, a common friend to Kapoors & Khannas, it all goes messy on the arrival of Vipin as the party takes a new turn when he is accused of murder & he accuses others present in the party for the same.

Who is the murderer of Kumar- Vipin’s friend & brother in law of Nisha.

Come, watch this drama unfolding the dark secrets & our hidden demons...
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