Lifeline 99 99 - An Interactive Theatre Performance On Your Phone

Lifeline 99 99 - An Interactive Theatre Performance On Your Phone

Lifeline 99 99 is an absurd telephone line that interrogates a critical question that confronts us today in the age of growing indifference and shrinking empathy, can one still create a genuine human connection? Dial in for a unique experience where you get to choose from seven distinct, live and interactive stories that'll tell you something about the fate of humanity in the times to come.

"An example of how theatre has adapted to and thrived in socially distanced times"

- Mint Lounge

"Lifeline 99 99 shines as an experimental art practice among the evolving theatre explorations in the Indian sub-continent. This is one phone call you definitely do not want to miss." - Firstpost

"Perhaps the intent of Lifeline 99 is precisely this, to remind us what it means to be human and what it means to offer our humanity." - Homegrown

How does it work? The audience calls a phone number, where they hear an IVRS voice that asks them certain questions and subsequently connects them to any one of the experiences available a one on one conversation a conflicted sex chat operator, an aggrieved idealist, a dude alien, a morbid insurance agent, a memory alteration researcher, an ethical scammer or art itself, personified.

So what's different? As an audience member, you experience a live story on the phone. Depending on your level of interactivity and how the conversation flows, it can last anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. No two shows are alike as each conversation is unique and personalized to you and how your answers drive the story.

What happens after I buy a ticket? You will receive an email with more instructions for the show day as well as a Whatsapp reminder.

The show premiered for audiences in India in February 2021 with four housefull weekends and 140+ hours of one-on-one calls. This experience is now available to audiences in India, United States and United Kingdom.

Directed and Designed by Akshay Raheja and Gaurav Singh.

Performed by Kumar Abhimanyu, Nikie Bareja, Rochan Mathur, Ramita Menon, Raghav Seth, Gaurav Singh and Vanshika Verma.

Writing by Akshay Raheja.

Technical Production by Gaurav Singh.

Original run managed by Stuti Kanoongo and second run managed by Saumya Upadhyay.
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Lifeline 99 99 - An Interactive Theatre Performance On Your Phone

 August 7, 2021 | 6:00 PM Expand dates

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