Lockdown Sessions

Lockdown Sessions

A platform for artists to perform during the pandemic. House of T has been promoting Amateur artists everyday during this pandemic through artist takeovers from Mar 21, 2020 for 200 days straight with artists from across the country and a few international acts as well.

Corona House Party 2.0 brought you artists who have worked with us during the 200 days of Instagram Live sessions and now we bring you Lockdown Sessions

The Lockdown sessions are happening since we are all back under quarantine and we will be bringing you acts from different parts with amazing talents in Music, Poetry and Story telling


Ashwin is an admirer of any form of Art and can be seen supporting anything from street artists to Ravi Varman. Fuelled by caffeine, He is a corporate worker by day and a Netflix buff at night. He can be seen sipping coffee at Sangeetha RA Puram.


Fiona Kezia Winston is a Spoken Word Artist, published author, Podcast Host and aspiring filmmaker. She's a teacher by day and writer by night. Someday, she'll learn how NOT to choose so many professions all at the same time, until then, she'll have dark circles underneath her eyes and a million stories to tell about her failed attempts at being the master of all trades.


Milton is a MSW graduate. Milton is a Theatre artist, Storyteller and Paraiaatam specialist. He also performed nearly 300 street plays & also he wrote and directed nearly 100 plays.


Natalia, 23, residing in Chennai, completed B.Sc, B.Ed. and is currently working as a teacher at Babaji Vidhyashram, Sholingnallur. She strongly believes that words can emote stronger feelings. She also does content writing as a side hustle and is a communicative English trainer. She also helps in organizing writing workshops.

House of T

House of T is a platform that started in July 2018 with the aim to promote and help amateur artists to experiment with various art forms in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

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Lockdown Sessions

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