Perfect Family - Online Premier

Perfect Family - Online Premier

PERFECT FAMILY is a Family Social Comedy Play presented by Yatri

What Anand Arun Kumar received in legacy from his forefathers was the idea of perfection. His father had drilled into his head that if any work has to be done, it is to be done in perfection. The one who does not work in perfection does not practically have a right to live. They are living the life of a rotten vegetable.

Shri. AAK (alias Anand Arun Kumar) looks at his family from the lenses of perfection. He feels that everything that is happening in his family is wrong! He is always hassled due to this very reason! Neither his wife, nor his children are perfect as per his understanding, which is why he feels disconnected from them.

Will his family ever be able to understand his point of view? Will the dream of a Perfect Family handed down by his forefathers ever come true? Or will it continue to remain an unfulfilled dream?

Will AAK (alias Anand Arun Kumar) be able to achieve this feat in this lifetime or will he have to come back in another lifetime?
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