Playback Diaries V.55: The Actors Collective

Playback Diaries V.55: The Actors Collective

Imagine an intimate theatre where you, as an audience-member, share a real-life incident from your life and choose a set of trained actors to play you and the other crucial parts in your story. Imagine then, that you sit back and watch your story come to life through a theatre that is spontaneous and gripping, even as a group of musicians play soulfully in the background.

And as your story is performed for you, you get the unique opportunity to watch it from a different perspective and thereby draw more empowering lessons from this re-enactment.

This is a theatre of empathy. Of honouring the "teller". Of playing-it-back in a manner that does justice to the teller. All stories are safe in this environment. For the teller and the audience, it is a shared experience.

In its essence, Playback theatre seeks to provide a space for us to connect the dots in our lives by helping us run a thread of reflection and understanding through our stories.

Playback Theatre is performed in a ritualized-yet-improvisational manner. It has its origins in the early 70's in New York. Founded by an American couple, Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas, this interactive theatre is practiced in more than 60 countries around the globe today.

The Actors Collective, led by Rajesh P.I is a "new-old" group. Rajesh has been practicing this form since it started in a big way in India in 2000. The Actors Collective is a vibrant group of exceptional actors who come from diverse backgrounds. The group usually performs on the fourth Sunday of every month at Lahe Lahe, this being for the 55th time.

The mission of The Actors Collective is to use theatre to foster peace, sensitivity and love among fellow people.
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