Refresh Theatre - Chekhov

Refresh Theatre - Chekhov

The Boor: The theme of the play is fickleness of commitment and feelings in a relationship. Acknowledged as one of the greatest creations of Chekhov, this play is about a woman trapped in her own beliefs, leading to nothing but a sense of dissatisfaction with life.

The Lottery Ticket: In this play, through a couple's story, Chekhov has captured the very relevant and contemporary theme of how the simple matter of money affects relationships.

A Marriage Proposal: This is a hilarious comedy on the dynamics of a marriage proposal that has many angles to it. Marriage is a complicated affair and so is a proposal of marriage and this play captures the true essence of this whole process.
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Refresh Theatre - Chekhov

 August 7, 2020 | 8:30 PM Expand dates

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