Sophocles's Antigone

Sophocles's Antigone

Antigone chooses to express her dissatisfaction with what she believes to be the unethical new regime of King Creon by burying her brother's body. She resolves to sacrifice her own life in the service of greater justice. It's this kind of almost superhuman resolve that changes the course of history—and that's something that we can admire equally in the 5th Century B.C.E. and the 21st Century A.D.

Directed by Sumathi.K.R

Translated by P.Lankesh



Antigone : Manasi

Ismene : Savitha

Creon : Prajwal.S

Uridisi : Manjushree

Haemon : Prajwal Joshi

Teiresias : Purushotham

Guardes and Chorus : Rakesh and Darshan

Head of the Chorus : Anusha / Tejaswini

Chorus : Lakshmi, Tejaswini, Darshan, Rakesh, Kalyani,

: Purushotham, Prajwal Joshi, Manjushree, Manasi,

: Savitha, Lavanya, Shashikumar, Dhanush,Vishal.


Set Design and Mask Making : Vishwa Kava, Purushotham

Costume Design and Choreography : Anusha, Manasi, Purushotham

Make up : Manjushree and Lakshmi

Stage Property : Tejaswini and Savitha

Posters Design : Prajwal, Rakesh and Nele Hinnele Group

Costume Making : Tulasi and Vishwa KAVA

Lighting : Mahesh & Madhu

Music : Chintan Vikas .J,

Music Accompaniment : Janardhan.H. [ janny]NSD, Poorvi Kalyani . J

Stage Management : Somashekhar.P

Design, Concept and Direction : Sumathi.K.R. NSD.
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