The Hotel Room

The Hotel Room

Conservative middle-aged businessman Manoj is the visitor from Ambala, who awakens to discover a prostitute named Julie unconscious in his bed after consuming a bottle of vodka. With his wife Pooja on her way up to the suite, he must find a way to conceal all traces of his uncharacteristic indiscretion.

The visitors from Chicago are two affluent couples who are best friends. Raj Verma and his wife Anamika and Vikram Khanna and his wife Anju are taking a much-needed vacation together. Things begin to unravel quickly when Anju is hurt during a football match and Vikram accuses Raj of having caused her injury by lobbing the ball. The situation gets funnier when the two couples are stuck in different places. The wives enjoy and the husbands fight. This is the basic concept of life and so is the basic concept of the play.

Let's see how this comical mess surprises you.

Direction- Vishesh Arora
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The Hotel Room

 August 9, 2020 | 10:00 PM Expand dates

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