The Light Catcher

The Light Catcher

The Light Catcher is an account of a female photographer's search for feminine beauty all over the world. While it is so, it is also a foray into the world of an artist, where art, its subjects, and the surrounding social perspectives collide to produce more shades of grey than the artist herself imagined.

As the principle of reflection of light works, the play describes the beauty of how the artist and his work can reflect a wide array of thoughts in a viewer's mind. Perspectives for the same art vary individually. This collision of perspectives forms various shades of grey of which may be the artist herself is not much aware of.

The play also highlights the various socio-political issues that have an impact on this game of perspectives. All in all, the play takes us through various cultures and explores characters as humans on their primitive and naive nature, their ground-level perspectives, and the range to which these perspectives might shift.

We have tried to combine two distinct presentational formats, theatre and digital, into this production, adhering to all the important theatrical aspects of the play, turning the production into an exciting visual treat to watch. The play has been performed, shot, and edited in real-time.
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The Light Catcher

 August 13, 2021 | 6:30 PM Expand dates


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