Thespo TAPRI - Cheeni Kam, Stories Zyada!

Thespo TAPRI - Cheeni Kam, Stories Zyada!

Thespo Tapri is a curated selection of the best stories and narrators from across India, who are featured in an evening of imagination and entertainment that guarantees.
Cheeni Kam, Stories Zyada!

Hosted live on a virtual platform for promising young performers to showcase their story-telling skills and rejoice in the tales of others.


Show 1 - 24th September,2021.

1) रुकना मना है By Devi Dang (Hindi, English)

A 20-year-old girl, Samarpreet, tells the story of the role her ‘annoying sibling’ Samay plays in her life. This comical one-woman show brings forth the sly and pretentious nature of Samay, whose lies are no laughing matter.

2) The Musings Of A Creator By Prarthana Kudtarkar (English)

Internet sensation, Shreeya D, takes to Youtube to reveal the quirky dichotomy of money and creativity.

3) Even Odd By Prashasti Jawkhedkar (Hindi)

An aspiring actor finds herself at odds with society - aesthetically and artistically.

4) List Stories By Rutwik Deshpande (English)

A to-do list usually helps with keeping your life on track. But what happens when your to-do takes over your life?

5) लत By Shreenidhi Zad (Hindi)

A young man wrestles with his addiction. Will he control it or will it control him?

Show 2 - 25th September,2021.

1) चश्मा By Gouri Bhuyan (Hindi, English)

A self - deprecative satire on the life of a young woman navigating her way through the hypocrisies of 21st century feminism.

2) मुझे दोस्त चाहिए By Rameshwar Garkal (Hindi)

Eklavya is alone. He is looking for a friend. Will you be friends with him?

3) भाषा की खोज By Shivesh Kumar (Hindi)

भाषाओं के ज़रिए एक लड़कI, अपनी मंज़िल की तलाश में है I

4) हम दोनो साफ़ थे By Vedant Lanje (Hindi)

An eavesdrop into a conversation between a couple struggling in the pandemic.
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Thespo TAPRI - Cheeni Kam, Stories Zyada!

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