Writer :  Anuvab Pal
Director :  Rahul Da Cunha
Cast :  Bugs Bhargava Krishna, Neil Bhoopalam, Jaswinder Singh, Sukant Goel, Aseem Hattangady, Natasha Azad and Shivani Tanksale


By MTG editorial


2011. Not India's best year. Protest movements everywhere, the government authorities crumbling, the economy in despair, young people on Twitter making noise to change things. In the middle of all this, our hero, Raghuvir Gupta, an aging discarded colonial bureaucrat in Delhi is pulled up by his Minister for an important task. A young MTV VJ who calls himself Dishoom has launched a nationwide campaign with a catchy tune to start a massive protest called "Kapre Utaro Middle Classes". It involves taking off pants to show unhappiness with the government. The nudity is about to occur on Janpath at the exact time our PM's convoy is supposed to pass with the visiting dignitary Nicholas Sarkozy of France. The Minister appoints Raghuvir to stop this from happening. Why is this man, a dinosaur in New India, picked to negotiate with this young hip teenage movement? Because Dishoom is Raghuvir Gupta's son. Will Raghuvir convince his son? Or Will Kapre Utaro happen and Sarkozy witness nude India? Who's hiding what skeletons in their closets?

This 1 hour 45 minute rollicking political satire, in the spirit of Yes Prime Minister meets Aap Ki Adalat, takes a laugh-out-loud look at the times we live in, through deceitful Delhi bureaucratic intrigues, backroom deals of secret corruptions, hidden pasts, the convolutions of Indian politics, and a man trying to come to terms with his own son, and eventually, himself.

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