Dirty Talk
Writer :  Nayantara Roy
Director :  Nayantara Roy
Cast :  Amol Parashar, Medha Med, Niharika Negi, Ayesha Nair, Anshuman Jha, Nimish Surte, Jaimini Pathak, Nayantara Roy

Dirty Talk

By MTG editorial

DIRTY TALK...tough love in times of permission

A young Indian scientist is England-returned and rich from an invention that has touched the hearts and lives of the millions. He has, quite literally, cleaned up our shit.

The capitalists love it, so do the communists. The feminists adore him and the socialites cant stop giggling. He's a rockstar and a poster boy who's got your mother, your maid, your media and your maniacs, rooting for him.. It's FIVE days to election day and our man is on the verge of seriously upsetting the local strongmen of Mumbai City. But golden boy has a secret. A rather dirty secret? One that might make you blush a little.

Welcome to Dirty Talk. Find out what's dirty, and find out what's not. A sexy look at India's censored-bored.

You might laugh. But who would you vote for, baby?

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