Director :  Pushan Kripalani
Cast :  Ira Dubey, Joy Sengupta


By MTG editorial

Initially the married life of Nora and Torvald Helmer seems all hunky dory but things change slowly. When Nora Helmer secretly borrowed a large sum of money for the sake of her husband, she never told him of this loan and has been secretly paying it back in small instalments by saving from her household allowance. Her husband, Torvald, thinks her careless and childlike, and often calls her his ''doll''. When he is appointed bank director, his first act is to relieve a man who was once disgraced for having forged his signature on a document. This man, Nils Krogstad, is the person from whom Nora has borrowed her money. It is then revealed that she forged her father's signature in order to get the money. Krogstad threatens to reveal Nora's crime and thus disgrace her and her husband unless Nora can convince her husband not to fire him. Nora tries to influence her husband, but he thinks of Nora as a simple child who cannot understand the value of money or business. Thus, when Torvald discovers that Nora has forged her father's name, he is ready to disclaim his wife even though she had done it for him. Later when all is solved, Nora sees that her husband is not worth her love and she leaves him slamming the front door.

A DOLL'S HOUSE remains one of Ibsen's influential plays.

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