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A heartbeat, a clock ticking, sound of cash register, helicopter blades close by, voices arguing, madness, people laughing, sounds mixing into each other in multiple layered soundtracks, reaching a crescendo, only to end up in a scream, and then in multiple screams as the speeding train passes by and overruns a young boy and who was eventually nothing but a thought experiment. This, and more, is Tom Stoppard’s radio play DARKSIDE which begins with “Speak to Me”, the overture of Pink Floyd’s 1973 prog rock album The DARKSIDE of the Moon, which sold more than 45 million copies worldwide over the 741 weeks it spent on the charts. This is a story about a young woman who is a student of moral philosophy. She is blessed with great sensibilities and deep intuition. Seeking the answer to the question "What is the Good” she journeys into the realm of the unknown. It is as if she has been called to save the world and she carries this responsibility heavy on her shoulders, led by mysterious voices, guided by strange characters and endless thought experiments. And through her journey, as we all ponder whether there really is a ‘Juggler’…we all question our own place in this world of fucked-upness.

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 6:00 PM, Wed, August 14 Veda Kunba Theatre, Mumbai (map link)
 9:00 PM, Wed, August 14 Veda Kunba Theatre, Mumbai (map link)

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