Cast :  Soumitra Acharya, Tania Roy Chowdhury, Deepan Dasgupta, Avinash Chopde, Sushant Warde, Chitralekha Singh, Ashish Arekar, Avishek Ray, Neelkantha Mukherjee, Moumita Mukherji, Divya Handa, Kornica Ganguly


Farrago consists of an enactment of four short stories written by Dr Shashi Tharoor in his teens, and later published as a collection titled 'The five-dollar smile'. The word "farrago" means a confused mixture, but there is no confusion here about the content, for Tharoor has a rich repertoire of short stories that we would be borrowing from for the evening. While Dr Tharoor's illustrious political and diplomatic career and his authoritative work on history and politics are well known to everyone, his fiction writing has largely remained unexplored. Yet the diversity of genres that he tackled as a writer of fiction is extremely impressive. The stories selected for portrayal on stage include a whodunnit, a romantic comedy, a psychological thriller and an emotional monologue, and just for this evening keep the politics away and focus on his wizardry with words that we are all ardent fans of.

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