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Writer : Sandeep Kanjilal
Director : Lillete Dubey
Cast : Tirthankar Poddar (2blue), Megan Murray, Vikrant Chaturvedi, Asif Ali Beg, Sherrin Varghese, Sid Makkar, Keshia Braganza, Varun Narayan & others

JAYA Story : 

The ''Mahabharata'', one of our oldest living epics, is the fountainhead of stories and fables that permeate not just our cultural ethos but the very fabric of our daily life. Its characters still walk our streets and its myths and legends populate our imagination . For here is a powerful epic tragedy of Greek proportions that inspires an almost comic awe.

'Jaya', the theatre production, is a rock opera in English that presents the major events of the 'Mahabharata' in song, music, dance and the martial arts.
It presents these key events in a dramatic montage style through the eyes of Yudhishthira, the main protagonist and the eldest Pandava brother. It examines and contrasts his 'experiments with truth' with two other divergent beliefs and view points - those of Duryodhana and his faith in victory and power at any cost, and that of Karna's fatalism and belief in an unchangeable destiny.

The opera is completely sung to an original score where the lyrics are set to a grand symphonic score that derives its influences from different musical sources.
In its synergisation of various forms, the music reflects the style and treatment of the entire production, whose aim is to use the traditional as a solid base on which to build , explore and innovate in a contemporary manner.

'Jaya' is a production imbued with the spirit and beliefs of the Mahabharata, yet it is dynamic, stimulating ,moving and exciting in its style of design, sound and presentation , which is an amalgamation of East and West.

Performed by a highly talented cast of singers and dancers 'Jaya' is a universally fascinating tale that is both contemporary and eternal.

It is the Mahabharata for the 21st Century.

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