Mahadevbhai (1892-1942)
Writer :  Ramu Ramanathan
Director :  Ramu Ramanathan
Cast :  Jaimini Pathak

Mahadevbhai (1892-1942)

By MTG editorial

Mahadev Desai was Mahatma Gandhi's secretary from 1917 to 1942.During this period, Mahadevbhai maintained a daily diary. In this diary, he jotted down the innumerable letters to and by Gandhiji, as well as conversations and bantering, lectures and discourses. All of this made Mahadevbhai a key witness to Gandhiji; besides proving Mahadevbhai's commitment to Satyagraha and the struggle for independence.

MAHADEVBHAI (1892-1942) is a one-person play which attempts to remind us of the times that were, and of its characters' devotion to truth.

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