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Writer : Nishil Kamalan
Director : Nishil Kamalan, Kartik Subramaniam, Diona D'souza, Bhagyesh Patil, James Marcel
Cast : Reynold D'sa, Shane Rosario


Hooted1ce brings Ethiros Theatre Group to you one of a kind immersive play. A niche no one in India has touched upon. An immersive interactive play, where the audience is involved 100% throughout the play. Prison Games is a personalized experience for the audience to see, feel and act. It is a story about escape planned by two friends but on the penultimate night one of them is murdered. Now the audiences along with our actors have to solve the murder mystery and escape the prison, but mind you it is not as easy as it sounds. There will be clues, puzzles, sensory experience and beautiful dramatic story telling. Everything packaged in one play. Only limited seats are available, so hurry!

Ethiros Theatre has been active in the theatre circuit from the past 3 years and their plays include FUTURE TENSE(d), THE GREAT INDIAN CIRCUS, THREE AND A HALF MEN-A comedy sketch, Para �...ब normal- A Horror Comedy etc. Their expertise lies in conducting kids theatre workshops and in kids' plays such as A TWISTED TALE OF BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, LET'S PUPPET, LET'S PUPPET 2.0, ADVENTURES OF ALADDIN, etc.

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