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Writer : Bhagyesh Patil, Reynold D'sa
Director : Nishil Kamalan
Cast : Nishil Kamalan, Diona D'souza, Shane Rosario, Bhagyesh Patil, Reynold D'sa, Mukti Bajaria, James Marcel, Kartik Subramaniam

Sketch Comedy' is a series of hilarious stories that have been stitched together. At times plain stupidity and at times thought provoking. It will definitely leave you with the after show giggles. With a mix of satire, parodies, dark comedy and so much more, we have laughs in store for everyone.

Ethiros Theatre has been active in the theatre circuit from the past 5 years and their plays include FUTURE TENSE(d), THE GREAT INDIAN CIRCUS, THREE AND A HALF MEN-A comedy sketch, Para(ab)normal- A Horror Comedy, Prison Games etc. Their expertise lies in conducting kids theatre workshops and in kids` plays such as A TWISTED TALE OF BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, LET`S PUPPET, LET`S PUPPET 2.0, ADVENTURES OF ALADDIN, etc.

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