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Ideas Unlimited

Through the vehicle of theatre, Ideas Unlimited seeks to promote Gujarati literature and culture to a wider audience. In addition to drama, other art forms such as poetry, essays, short stories, painting, music, folk traditions spanning from the past to the present are presented to Rasikjana.

Through theatre, Ideas Unlimited seeks to create an appreciation and awakening of our rich cultural heritage amongst the younger generation. In theatre as in any other field of life, there is a dichotomy of class and mass.

Ideas Unlimited builds productions, which can encompass class, as well as the masses of the people. It is perhaps the only Gujarati theatre group in the city that is modern in sensibility, its plays thought provoking and commendable of theatre aesthetics.

Artistic Director: Manoj Shah.

Major Productions:

2004: MAREEZ
2002- MERANDE (based on the Greek play, MEDEA)
1999- Master Phoolmani (an adaptation of Satish Alekar's critically acclaimed BEGUM BARVE)

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