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Mitraa Theatre

The finest space for theatre practise is the Mitraa Theater Group. Humanity is a must in humans. And to be an actor you should be a good human first. 

Your character's behaviour is how he or she behaves in real life.

Dedicated individuals are most likely to be found in the group. In a group setting, punctuality is crucial. Workshops are held at this theatre on a daily basis. Physical Theater is performed in this theatre on a daily basis. I've been doing drama practise and performing on stage once a month. In this theatre, you can practise your voice. Every day, I meditate and listen to music (singing and listening), and I practise my face in this theatre. Short films are made in this theatre, and short film teams are formed. Topics of discussion are discussed every day in this theatre (discussion ,speaks).

Every day, we talk about acting because we understand acting is a form of art..

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