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Sparch Trust has two units for promoting art and culture. One of them is "Sindhu Natya Rang" which was formed by Mr. Rishu Gupta in 1998 and in 2010 it became the cultural wing of Sparch.

Sindhu Natya Rang (SNR) conducts workshops, lectures, seminars, and festivals on drama and personality development.

The other unit of Sparch is Sparch Theatre Repertory (STR). Both STR and SNR aim at producing meaningful plays by well-known playwrights and new writers. Their team comprises professional actors, working people, housewives, students, kids, and retired people. The repertory aims to provide a platform to all age groups. Sparch Theatre Repertory does all kinds of plays.

*The information provided here is by Sparch. Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for any of the claims made by the group or for the outcome of the workshops conducted by the group.

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