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Zero Theatre Company

Zero started its theatre activities with a definite vision, a need to present plays using a minimum of sets and props, using the actor, lights and sound as elements of story-telling. For the future, the group wishes to explore the classics along with original new writing.

Zero Theatre Company is not dogmatic in its take on what is, or is not theatre. On the contrary, the company would like to reflect its concerns as its people evolve in their understanding of the craft of theatre. The company's concerns range from the personal to the social.

Zero Theatre presented its first production in 1989 with Athol Fugard's THE BLOOD KNOT. Featuring Tom Alter and Shiv Subrahmanyam, the play was set in South Africa and was about two half-brothers from a black mother and a white father. Shiv Subrahmanyam had also directed the play.

The next Zero production was in 2001. The play was SNAPSHOTS FROM AN ALBUM, written and directed by Shiv Subrahmanyam. Featuring Divya Jagdale and Hidayat Sami, the play followed a pair of college students into adulthood and middle age, through idealism, pragmatism and confusion into a kind of acceptance.

In 2002, Zero opened with IRANI CAFÉ, once again, written and directed by Shiv Subrahmanyam. With a cast of thirteen, the play was a hilarious romp with various characters desperate in their quest for love and the confusions therein.

In 2004, Zero opened with BANSURI, written by Divya Jagdale, and directed by Sunil Shanbag. The play follows its protagonist's sometimes painful, sometimes funny journey as she tries to find her place in the sun, and maybe a few answers on the way.

Major Productions:
2002 Irani cafe
2001 Snapshots from an album

Artistic Director:Shiv Subrahmanyam.

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