Writer :  Chirantana Bhatt
Director :  Manoj Shah
Cast :  Jay Upadhyay, Dimple Ashar, Kevin Dave, Pratik Kothari, Darshana Kanetkar, Archana Patel and Manoj Shah.


By MTG editorial

This is an intriguing story of Akhil Nanavati, a middle-aged man - an architect living in Mumbai. Akhil Nanavati is a successful architect and has a unique style when it comes to temple architecture. Akhil Nanavati has employed Bhanushankar Sompura, his son Aadarsh Sompura, and Aadarsh's fiance Tanvi for his architectural firm.

One day his friend Dr Shrikant visits him. While Dr Shrikant is there, a young woman called Kamya visits Akhil Nanavati. The doctor promptly recognizes her from a recent trip. Soon after the doctor leaves and Akhil Nanavati is alone with Kamya. She reminds him that they are not strangers and that they had previously met in her home town few years ago. When Akhil Nanavati does not respond to her quickly enough she reminds him that at one point he had made advances upon her, offered a romantic interlude, and promised her something during their encounter, which she believed. Akhil denies this but Kamya gradually convinces him, however, that she can assist him with his household duties. Akhil takes her into his home.

Aadarsh Sompura has ambitions to be promoted in his architectural vocation which Akhil is remiss to grant or support. Akhil also has a complicated relationship with his wife Saumya. During this time period, Akhil builds a closer tie with Kamya as she supports his architectural vocation and new architectural projects.

Akhil is constructing a grand temple and there is going to be a public opening. As the play builds towards its climax, we realise there is more to each of the characters as they unravel themselves. The play has been adapted from Henrik Ibsen's original play THE MASTER BUILDER.

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