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Writer : Vipul Mehta
Director : Vipul Mehta
Cast : Smit Ganatra, Mehul Buch, Kruttika Desai

EKLAVYA Story : 

Anjana Bhaskar, an ambitious and manipulative woman, a senior recruitment officer for the Australian Cyber security cell, is on the lookout for a decoder. She discovers Raghu Panchal - a self-taught math prodigy, a perfect fit. The problem is that he is a drug addict and a criminal living in Dharavi. He needs rehabilitation and to clean up his act before she can promote him to this prestigious post. Anjana takes Raghu to a former colleague, a renowned and righteous psychiatrist, Shekhar Thakkar.

Shekhar and Raghu develop a symbiotic relationship as do Raghu and Anjana but each one of them has their own agendas, beliefs, and ambitions. As the mind games begin, an atmosphere of mistrust prevails leading to unpredictable twists and turns.

'EKLAVYA' unfolds the complex nature of such relationships where ambitions override trust and lead to a situation spiraling out of control - for all but one. Who will it be - Arjun, Dronacharya or Eklavya?

   EKLAVYA Play Schedule(s)
 9:00 PM, Sun, July 14 Prabodhankar Thackrey Auditorium, Mumbai (map link)
 7:30 PM, Sun, July 21 NCPA Tata Theatre, Mumbai (map link)

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