Writer :  Vinit Shukla
Director :  Manoj Shah
Cast :  Ishan Doshi, Jay Upadhaya, Aishwarya Mheta, Dayashamkar Pandey, Pulkit Solanki, Pratik Gandhi Rajive Bhatt, Shamath Mazumdar, Akash Desi, Hussaini Davawala, Darshan Pandya, Pradeep Vegurlekar, Kumkum Das, Ashok Parmar, Dharmendra Gohil


By MTG editorial

The play is a deep serious exploration of the poetic impulse based on the life of Mareez: poet, writer of beautiful ghazals, lover of alcohol; a man who courts any muse visible to him; a man reduced to selling his poetry to businessmen who pass it off as their own- MAREEZ is a fantasia on the theme of poetic improvisation.

Based on Raish Maniaar's book- "Mareez": Astitva ane Vyaktitva, Mareez is unique in Gujarati Literature. In the artificial split between high culture and pop culture, Mareez makes his appearance like a colossus. As all creative geniuses do, Mareez completely redefined the ground rules of shayri, a genre made famous by Urdu ghazalkars.

Manoj Shah's production brings alive the life and times of this underrated poet with a palpable energy. Gulam Mohammed Sheikh's backdrop is sublimely beautiful, providing the perfect setting to a biographical play interspersed with the poetry of life.


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