Writer :  Om Katare
Director :  Om Katare
Cast :  Om Katare, Ashok Sharma, Nitin Swamy, Aanand Pandey, Ajit Chatwaal, Paromita, Chatterjee, Mukesh Yadav, Ritu Raj & others


By MTG editorial

In Khajoorgarh 'Seth Laddoo Gopal' was known for his miserly ways. He was not only a miser but also a very deceptive person. With his deceptive ways even the king of Khajoorgarh was taken for a ride....

Suddenly one day the villagers saw a sea-change in Laddoo Gopal's behavior. People were foxed. It was apparent that there was a big conspiracy ...What could it be? Was he for real or...?

A musical fairytale that will keep you amused.

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