Muktidhaam (Hindi)
Writer :  Imtiaz Patel (Marathi one act writer - Amber Hadap)
Director :  Abhijit Khade
Cast :  Smruti Irani, Pinki Jain, Rajesh Solanki, Rahul Antani & Arvind Vekaria

Muktidhaam (Hindi)

By MTG editorial

In today's time money & status is more important than the family. Bonding with money is more emotional issue than bonding with family. This social humorous story is a mirror image of today's society. Individual financial growth is priority for son. He even forces his wife to accompany him in this race. Though not much convinced, wife like an Indian women joins husband, leaving their child into hostel and mother alone at home to suffer the loneliness. Mother tries to live with past memories of her life. At one twisting turn of growth, son decides to leave mother in India at a place called MUKTIDHAAM at Banaras near Ganges and settle down in Australia forever. He reaches MUKTIDHAAM with her mother where story takes 360 degree turn. Here son after long years understands that as his mother gave him love, strength, protection and support when he was child. Now his mother has become child and he his suppose to parent her and give the same love, strength, protection and support. Humorous and emotional scenes of past recreates the bonding between the two. Flawless love starts flowing like water of Ganges. This reunion of mother and son depicts the real sense of Mukti.

In this play for the first time in history of Gujarati Theatre, the beautiful coastline of Ganges, the environment of Banaras, the Pooja, Pandals, will be showcased along with the beautiful story of MUKTIDHAAM.

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