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Age Limit: 6+

A hypochondriac of a husband, through some misunderstanding, is convinced that he is going to die soon of a serious heart ailment. So he starts to put his affairs in order and the first thing to be done is to plan his beloved wife’s marriage so that she is taken care of. However, he cannot reveal to his wife the seriousness of the situation. The wife starts taking his suspicious ways and behaviour for infidelity… his noble thought boomerangs and now the husband is running for wife…..and life!!

Over the years we have travelled widely with Hai Mera Dil to all the metro cities and more than twice to some cities, to smaller cities, many towns and even smaller colonies. We have performed for mill workers in huge grounds and for students in school auditoriums - however elite or downright rustic an audience, they all respond with tremendous hilarity. There is definitely something special here - the humour arises from the simplest things of life. There is so much humour in everyday existence which we tend to completely overlook in our stressed-out schedules but when highlighted, it does not fail to make people burst into peals. Hai Mera Dil has become the best kind of therapy for life.

Hai Mera Dil has also had a thrilling tour of 9 Army stations in the Northern Command from Chandigarh to Jammu, performing for the Jawans and their families and for the Generals, Brigadiers and Colonels. It was fulfilling to perform for the Indian army and exciting to have about 13 Generals in one show and even more exciting to have the Generals and the Jawans respond with equal hilarity.

This play is with interval.

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