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Writer : Manoj Mitra
Director : Dinesh Ahlawat

BUDDHA MAR GAYA is a Comedy Play. It portrays an old man, how he guards his garden farm! The Jamidar’s father Chhakori, who has now become a ghost but still could not leave the greed of that garden. So, for the last 30 yrs he is moving from one tree to another but alas…, Now that old man Banchha has a grandson who stays with him. The grandson gets married and both of them have strategies on how to make that old man survive longer so that the garden farm remains with them. On the other hand, Jamidar and his family also have an eye for that garden farm. They too are constantly finding different techniques on how to get that garden farm from that old man. This play revolves around them and ultimately who will win? The old man or the jamidar?

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