Writer :  MIr Muneer
Director :  Yogesh Sanghvi
Cast :  Shaad Randhawa, Vindu Dara Singh, Sheeba, Payal Goga Kapoor and Sonia Birje


By MTG editorial

Bhanu and Anita, a married couple, own a country holiday home and decide to get away for the weekend. But there's more to this decision than meets the eye.

Bhanu invites long-time friend Deepak along. This pleases Anita as she is secretly having an affair with Deepak.

However, Bhanu has his own plans. He has invited his vivacious and beautiful girlfriend, Laalsa, along as well and has lined Deepak up to pretend to be Laalsa's lover to avoid raising any suspicions in Anita's mind.

The lady of the house, Anita has a great deal of skill and she is a woman of strong character. She proves to be more than a match for her so-called loving husband Bhanu.

The maid cum cook Laalsa is a girl of great skill and has a real flair for handling the absurd situations she finds herself in. The other Laalsa, Bhanu's girlfriend has no option but to play the role of the maid because of Bhanu and Deepak's constant bumbling.

The bundle of lies is eventually unfolded and the characters discover their true life partners.

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