Writer :  William Shakespeare
Director :  Aniruddha Khutwad


By MTG editorial

This isn't the glamorized tale of star-crossed lovers that has been the inspiration of generations of suicide pacts. It is the story of Juliet - who chose love at every turn, who refused to let the anger and impulsiveness of those around her change her heart, who knew what she wanted and went for it with all her might - and the story of her Romeo.

DSM chose to do this play as an adaptation for contemporary times, not just because of Shakespeare's relevance to every student of drama. But also, the students and director discovered that this play resonates across more than 4 centuries of history and will continue to do so because all of us are trapped in an eternal search for love. The more we try to look for it, the more we see hatred - in the name of gender, religion, cast, creed, class, culture, social status. We can see our lives getting fragmented under the illusion of 'mine and yours'. And on a more prosaic level we see petty rivalries that fester for generations between locals and immigrants in our history ooze fresh violence on our streets. And that's when we realise the necessity of true love.

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