Writer :  Pundalik Naik
Director :  Sunil Shanbag
Cast :  Rozzlin Pereira, Sattvic, Danish Hussain, Abhijit Bhor, Asif Ali Beg, Shilpa Sane, Kailash Waghmare and Shailesh Hejmadi


By MTG editorial

LORETTA is set in the 70s on a river island in Goa. Widower Antonio Piedade Moraes, a bhatkaar (landlord), lives a rather comfortable life in his resplendent home, with much help from a lot of locals. Surrounded by bakers, gardeners, a Man Friday and a whole lot of others, Antonio, a great votary of the Konkani language, is rather protective of his island.

Antonio's son Rafael returns from Mumbai with his Anglo Indian girlfriend Loretta, after completing his education. Rafael doesn't quite share his father's love for Goa, while Loretta's strong need for roots makes her relate to Antonio. Despite that, Antonio doesn't warm up to her instantly. He tells her that the only way she can continue living on the island is if she can speak Konkani. With a little help from some friends, Loretta manages to appear successful before an apparent tragedy befalls on them. The play reaches an amiable conclusion, and in the process, the characters undergo transformation.

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