Written and Directed :  Bhagyashree Tarke
Cast :  Bhagyashree Tarke


By MTG editorial

Salma Deewani is a light-hearted take on life and a narrative placed in a one-day scenario. Across this, almost one-hour play, Salma details out her shenanigans as a young girl and then how her life is caught up in the daily grind of household chores. She finds a joyful escape in her love for Salman Khan, who she supports strongly. The play comes across as a satire about the difficulties of early marriages, loneliness, fan following and ignorance. In its core, it is political and gender conscious. The performance is an attempt at bringing together the concept of absurdity and realism on stage, through imagery, audience interaction, and storytelling.

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   SALMA DEEWANI Play Schedule(s)
 7:30 PM, Sat, April 20 Shreeram Lagoo Rang Avakash, Pune (map link)

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