Jay Kapadia Interview With Deepa Punjani
ISHARON ISHARON MEIN is proving to be a popular play. The original play in Gujarati has been written by Prayag Dave. Jay Kapadia has adapted the play in Hindi. We take him through a quick interview to find out about the play and Jay Kapadia's roles as an actor and director.

 By Deepa Punjani

Deepa Punjani (DP): You have directed ISHARON ISHARON MEIN and you act in it as well. How did you manage the two roles simultaneously?

Jay Kapadia (JK): At first I decided to find out whether the concept will commercially work. At that time I had not decided to act. I was just focusing on the concept but during a workshop that I conducted, I realised that I could play the main character. I also realised it would be time consuming to find another actor, so I finally decided to act.

DP: Tell us a little about how you started in theatre.

JK: Well, I used to study theatre and act in a college in Baroda. I came to Mumbai to pursue theatre. I started backstage and then got small roles. From the start I was very passionate about acting on stage. Whenever I got the chance during rehearsals I was a proxy for the lead actor in his absence. Then I took a break from theatre, did short films, and have again returned to theatre.

DP: What inspired you to adapt this play in Hindi from the original Gujarati?

JK: Umesh Shukla, the director of popular films such 102 Not Out and Oh My God, as well as other theatre personalities told me that this kind of play has a universal appeal. This is when the idea to adapt it in Hindi and even in Marathi came up. I have been approached by production houses that are interested in acquiring the rights for a film, but at this stage, we would like to only focus on the play.

DP: Going ahead, what are your plans in theatre?

JK: In the future, I want to explore more entertaining concepts like ISHARON ISHARON MEIN, but I would also like to try out something new and different.

*Deepa Punjani has been writing about theatre and reviewing it for close to two decades. She represents the Indian National Section of Theatre Critics, which is part of the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC). She is this website's editor-at-large.

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