Taranjit Kaur
Taranjit Kaur has acted in productions namely Yerma, The Mad Woman of Chaillot, Phaedra and performed at various International theatre festivals in UK, France, Australia and more.

 By Divyani Rattanpal

Tell us about the character, Minnie Makhija.
Minnie is a character who has always played the lead character in all her theatre productions. She thinks it's all about her. She has that charisma, and she knows it. She knows she can seduce anybody and she uses it to her advantage. The character evolves when the theatre company finds itself in trouble and Minnie Makhija has to rely on her charm to bail out the company, and it emerges that Minnie is in fact, a very intelligent and smart woman.

You were rehearsing for a very intense play alongside this comedy play. How did you manage handling both together?
It's a character you play and you have to do the character shift technically inside your head. Switching from a character who deals with so much trauma in the other play, to playing Minnine Makhija in BAAGHI ALBELE. She's always a diva, always talking about herself, but at the same time, so attached to the theatre company..It is a shift that you learn to do after working in theatre for so many years.

What was the process like at rehearsals?
Everyday, we were discovering something new about our characters, about the relationship between our characters. Where is the conflict? Every day was like peeling a new layer, and once we went on the floor, it was discovering something new every day. It's been two-and-ahalf months of rehearsal and it's been quite an extensive work by all of us.

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