Vipul Vithlani Interview
Ace Gujarati actor Vipul Vithlani, who has made the audience laugh with his plays BAPA TAME JALSA KARO, JANETA, DOUBLE SAVARI, MAAL CHHE TO TAAL CHHE, PARNELA NE PARAMVEER CHAKRA AAPO among many others is all set to enthrall the audience with something serious with his forthcoming suspense thriller CASE NO 99.He talks about the play to MTG:

 By MTG editorial

How did you get the idea of CASE NO 99?

Just two months ago, I went to SMP (Surat Municipality Corporation) for a competition as a judge and there were nine plays in the final. Post coming back to Mumbai, I discussed with Kaustubh Bhai (producer) about staging a play in December, but we were waiting for the official script and the market was not that opened, so we couldn't get anything going. But Kaustabh Bhai and Nilesh Bhai decided that they will make a low budget play as they didnt want to take any risk then. But one day Kaustubh Bhai asked me: you went to Surat so which play did you find out from there? To which I replied :There was one play with only of three characters and it's a suspense thriller. So, the producers decided to go for it and we approached Pankaj Pathakji to direct the play, which he agreed on the spot.

Why the title CASE NO 99?

I play a special cop and come for the inquiry about an incident. I have solved 98 cases and this is my 99th and I want to make a century by solving 100 cases. So, that's the reason CASE NO 99 has been highlighted in the title.

You have been doing comedy roles in many plays? What changes you see playing a role suspense thriller?

I am not playing a comic role in this play. Not even a comic punchline will be there. I was discussing about my role in CASE NO 99 with other team artistes saying there's no way out where I can do comedy during the show because of the situation happening in this suspense thriller play. So, I am enjoying this role change and I have to prove myself in this. Five years back, I had worked with Suresh Rajda in EK VARSADI SAANJE, but my character in this play was translating from seriousness to comedy. Whereas in this play comedy is not possible at all. So, there will be no laughter.

Are you ready for the role change?

Exactly! Normally I direct all the plays but this time I am working under Pankaj Pathakji's direction and I have surrendered my direction to him. There was a role in his mind for me regarding CASE NO 99 and the same was there on my mind too. But he welcomed my suggestions and slowly and steadily I came into the character of this play.

Can you share the experience of working with Deepali and Vistaap?

I have worked with Deepali 15-17 years ago, and it was wonderful working with her then and I am enjoying working with her today also. Pankaj Pathakji and I were directing Vistaap during the rehearsal and there was no negativity at all. Overall it's a wonderful experience working with them.

Apart from CASE NO 99, is there any plays you are working on?

Not yet, but we are planning to make a play in January or February, which I may direct but it's not yet decided.

Any expectations from CASE NO 99?

I wish and I hope audiences accept me in this role. I have done lots and lots of comedy plays but it will be challenging for me to hold my audience with this character. I hope they accept it too. If this happens, I will be happy doing the different role in the future.

Apart from comedy which other role you wish to do?

Playing a double role is on my wish list. I have never played a double role in my life and if this one is a hit I will make a good script playing a double role which one is serious and other one is comic. That will be challenging.

Share your experience working with Pankaj Pathakji.

Sunder, Sunder. We were just friends when we were going to Surat for a play. But we were mostly friends via social media. So, when I went to Surat and saw his poster outside the hall, I was wondering who he is? Whenever my shows were happening in Surat, he used to come, see and meet me. Sometimes he used to come early before the play or he used to sit after the play, and chat a lot and our friendship started. He is 10-15 year older than me. When working with him for the first time, he was so down to earth, very polite in his nature. There's something new to learn when he either directing me or other actors. Even a small thing which he explains during the rehearsal gives us much to learn. If he ever asks me to act under his direction, will surely say yes. It was a very good experience working with him. He didn't treat me as a director but as a friend.

Team MTG ( wishes CASE NO 99 Cast and Crew all the very best

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