Director :  Kedar Shinde
Cast :  Priya Borde, Nilesh Saable, Sanjay Dongre and Kedar Shinde


Precisely 45 years ago, on August 13, 1963, noted folk artiste Shahir Sable staged this farcical play highlighting the sorry plight of the Marathi speaking residents of Mumbai. The lore has it that the play was so impactful that it led to the formation of the Shivsena, a political party safeguarding the rights of the native Marathi populace. Incorporating folk elements like gan, gavlan, batawani and powada, this musical play bolsters the pride of the Marathi manoos while making him think hard about his lost self-esteem. This socio-political play is the fourth offering from producer Sunil Barve's revivals of old and lesser known classics.

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