Chhotyasha Suteet
Writer :  Sachin Kundalkar
Director :  Mohit Takalkar
Cast :  Amruta Subhash, Sarang Sathye, Kunwar Shiv Singh

Chhotyasha Suteet

By MTG editorial

Rooted in an urban sensibility, the play strives to understand the subjective reality of each of its characters. Reality cannot be seen as black or white. Life does not present the same circumstances to everybody and each of us is an individual. Each individual is therefore complex and the reality of his/her situation arises out of internal as well as external conflict.

The title of the play, which means a short vacation, is also a metaphor for the space and the break that we all need in our lives. The circumstances that the characters find themselves in the play could just well be ours or faced by people we know or whom we are merely acquainted with.

The play draws on realism to highlight the everyday occurrence in our lives of the situation that is represented in the play. The characters converse in both Marathi and English, as is true of all those who have received an English education in India. The dialogues as such reach a conversational plane that audiences can identify with. Director Mohit Takalkar has consciously allowed his artistes to internalize and manifest their characters in order to present a contemporary dilemma.

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