Writer :  Kedar Shinde
Director :  Kedar Shinde
Cast :  Siddharth Jadhav, Shweta Gharat, Archana Nipankar, Surabhi Fadnis, Ghanashyam Ghorpode, Ganesh Jadhav, Aamir Tadavalkar, Kiran Nevalkar, Gaurav More, Sumit Sawant, Sachin Gawde


By MTG editorial

Maruti meets with an accident. He suffers from what may be described as a 'Hero's syndrome'. Prakash Kattimani, a well known Don, threatens Maruti's family to leave town as he does not want his sister to get married to Maruti's younger brother who love each other. Maruti in turn challenges the Don and makes a deal with the Don to marry off his sister to his brother in turn giving his powers to the Don to stop his encounter. Will the Don ever come to know about Maruti's setup?

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