Hawa Hawaee
Writer :  Ashok Patole
Director :  Vijay Kenkre
Cast :  Rahul Gore, Santosh Pawar, Anil Kadam, Kavita Jadhav

Hawa Hawaee

By MTG editorial

The story of the play sounds notoriously similar to Naved Aslamís PLANE CRAZY ABOUT LOVE, which in turn is borrowed from an English play. So there is Anand, a philandering pilot who enjoys flirting with three airhostesses at the same time. He is supported and also snubbed by his aunt who lives with him and poses as a maidservant when the need arises.

All seems to go well till one day the father of one of the girls decides to meet Anand and interrogate him. Unknown to Anand, the father of the girl lands up at Anandís place and mistakes his friend Babu for him. Things get further complicated when Anandís aunt rakes up old memories with the girlís father. In the writerís words, this is ďa situational comedyĒ that is bound to amuse audiences.

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